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Solution for all VC Spaces

Chose the right Crestron Video Conferencing Hardware

Rooms for 1-4 participants

Medium Size Conference Room.png

Rooms for 5-10 participants

Large Size Conference Room.png

Rooms for 11+ participants

Small VC Rooms Solutions

Crestron Flex Tabletop VC System for Teams Rooms

Camera with Auto-framing technology
Touch Screen with MS Teams UI
Speakers & Mic with 360° audio pickup
UC Bracket Assembly with Mini PC
Supports single or dual video displays

Small Rooms
Medium Room

Medium VC Rooms Solutions

Crestron Flex Videobar VC System for Teams Rooms

Camera with Auto-framing technology
Touch Screen with Microsoft Teams UI
Microphone & 2-Way Stereo Speakers
UC Bracket Assembly with Mini PC
Supports single or dual video displays

Large Rooms

Large VC Rooms Solutions

Crestron Videobar 70 for Zoom Rooms

Wide angle & 3 Narrow FOV Cameras
Speaker tracking technology
Picture-in-picture capabilities
Android OS & plug-and-play simplicity
Covers 30Ft Room with ease


Integrator Kits

Craft an Exceptional Conference Room Experience with Creston Integrator Kits capable of Native VC and works as a Controller for Room Accessories

Choice of your Camera, Microphone & Speakers

HDMI Switchers & AV-Over-IP

Explore the complete range of HDMI Switchers and AV-Over-IP technology from Crestron designed to integrate seamlessly into professional AV setups, making them suitable for corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and other commercial applications.

HDMI Switcher.png

Traditional HDMI Switcher

Multi-HDMI inputs and multi-HDMI outputs Crestron switchers like 4*1, 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 8*4, and 8*8 are capable of native Crestron control via Ethernet, XiO Cloud connectivity, and enterprise-grade security. 

Switcher Chassis.png

Modular Switcher Chassis

Crestron’s fully modular & expandable 8*8, 16*16, and 32*32 DigitalMedia matrix switcher offers ultra-fast digital AV switching and lossless HD multiroom signal distribution for all types of AV sources.



Crestron’s DM NVX technology brings together real-time lossless audio and video, USB signals, and device control to thousands of destinations anywhere your network goes, throughout your entire organization.

Crestron Room Scheduling.png

Crestron Fusion

Monitoring & Scheduling Software

Room Scheduling
Help Desk & Support
Global Device Monitoring
Data and Reporting

Discover More Crestron Offerings

Make the workplace more productive and enjoyable for your staff

Lighting & Enveronment.jpg

Lighting & Environment Solutions

Integrated Indoor Lighting Systems

Single-room lighting Controls

Stand-Alone Lighting Controls

Occupancy Sensors

Outdoor Lighting Control

Crestron XiO Cloud.jpeg

Control Hardware & Software

Control System Software

Pre-Installed Software Device

XiO Cloud for Management

Interface Modules

Distribution Devices

BLUE 1.png

Board Rooms - Conference Rooms  Collaboration Rooms - Training Rooms Auditoriums - Townhall - NOC Rooms

Digital Signage [LFD & Video Wall's]

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Crestron Flex Video Conferencing
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