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Workspace Meeting Room Booking System

Effortlessly Discover and Reserve the ideal Meeting Space

Locate the appropriate meeting space in your workplace and book it in advance or on the spot for your team's collaborative efforts.

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Booking Software for Meetings Rooms

  • View all available rooms and reservations in a single location using various calendar display choices or an interactive, up-to-the-minute map.

  • Narrow down your search for an open room that fits your requirements and schedule by using filters such as location, seating capacity, and amenities.

  • Select the desired room for a single or repeat usage and reserve it instantly; also notify the meeting participants through email.

Calendar Integration with Room Booking Software

  • Integrate Yeastar Workplace into Teams as a tab for effortless in-application booking. Generate Teams meeting links automatically when scheduling a room.

  • Choose a preferred room and create a schedule all from one central location, eliminating the need for constant switching between different interfaces through the integration of calendar apps.

  • Meeting schedules and updates are automatically synced across all platforms and participants.

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Schedule Display for Meeting Room

  • Identify the room availability status with distinguishable 3-colour LED lights and explore the room amenities, like seating capacity and AV facilities, on the display to make decisions.

  • Explore the room availability status for the entire day's bookings and reserve the room on the spot through the display for immediate or planned meetings.

  • Yeastar's integrated schedule displays, booking software, and calendar apps work together seamlessly to prevent double bookings of the meeting room.

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Digital Signage [LFD & Video Wall's]

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