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IT Consulting & Managed Services

Power Bridge provides special attention and organisational commitment to deliver the experience customers expect from a managed services partner handling their critical IT assets.


Our qualified resources have a track record of providing best-in-class IT consulting, post-sale deployment, and asset management with minimal downtime well within agreed-upon SLAs.


We have strong practise in providing skilled resources for project requirements, Pan-India asset break-fix services, IT asset relocation support, and buybacks/E-waste.

IT Consulting & Deployment

IT Consulting and deployment services from Power Bridge

Value-Add: Our technical pre-sales team analyses the complete customer needs and designs the best IT solution to achieve business goals with the highest ROI as well as support in the successful implementation of the solution in a timely manner.

Resident Engineers

Resident Engineers service from Power Bridge

Value-Add: We offer our skilled IT engineers on a contractual basis for the customer’s specific project requirements or for IT work place management with skill sets to manage data center and end-user systems, network or cloud environments.

IT Asset Relocation Services

IT Asset Relocation Services from Power Bridge

Value-Add: We offer IT asset relocation services as a project for our customers, starting from planning, asset uninstallation, and new site IT asset implementation planning and deployment, and we also provide secure logistics through our experienced partners.

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services from Power Bridge

Value-Add: Through our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) or on an as-needed basis, we provide a wide range of IT managed services such as dedicated help desk with L1 and L2 support, IT asset life cycle management, CMDB management, and network management etc.

Pan-India Break-Fix Services

PAN India Break-Fix services from Power Bridge

Value-Add: We provide break-fix services to our customers' end-points spread across India, and we also manage the entire spares inventory, logistics for spares delivery, and engineer visits for initial diagnosis and repair.

IT Asset Buyback & E-Waste Services

IT Asset Buyback and E-Waste Services from Power Bridge

Value-Add: We provide e-waste services with certification from government-approved recyclers in accordance with the new environmental policy regulations, and we also offer asset buyback services for IT assets with intrinsic value.

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