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Your search for an experienced AV system Integrator capable of delivering Integrated AV Projects with "Active LED Video Wall" solutions for your office/commercial spaces ends here.

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Why Consider Active LED Video Wall?

The cutting-edge Active LED Video Wall solutions provide the futuristic experience of captivating visuals that seamlessly integrate innovation and performance. The active LED displays offer vibrant, high-resolution content that enchants audiences in any setting. Elevate your brand presence, presentations, or events with state-of-the-art, active LED video walls to transform any space into an immersive visual experience.

LCD Video Wall vs Active LED Video Wall

The bezels on LCD video walls impede the viewing experience, but active LED displays provide a bezel-free, seamless view that guarantees uninterrupted visual clarity.

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Types of Active LED Video Walls

Active LED video walls suit diverse environments and are custom-built to cater to the specific needs of customers. Explore the LED display use cases to understand the complete product range we offer.

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Indoor Active LED Video Wall

Indoor Active LEDs are customised to suit the user's requirements based on a combination of viewing distance, smaller pixel pitch, and size.


Suitable for auditoriums, office/commercial Lobbies, Boardrooms, retail stores and F&B restaurants.

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Outdoor Active LED Video Wall

Designed to withstand environmental conditions, Outdoor Active LEDs come with bright LEDs and a larger pixel pitch for long-distance viewing.


Suitable for public squares, malls, or parks for public announcements, event promotion, or information display.

Features of Active LED Video Wall

The LED displays stand out by delivering exceptional value to customers with their superior specifications and features, setting them apart from other solutions. Here are some key highlights of what the Active LED Video Walls have to offer.

LED Design.png

Customisable Design (Size)

High Resolution.png

High Resolution

(Up to 8K)

Dynamic Content Delivery

Dynamic Content Delivery

4._Easy Maintenance

Easy Repair and Maintenance

Working With the Best ACTIVE LED OEM'S

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Board Rooms - Conference Rooms  Collaboration Rooms - Training Rooms Auditoriums - Townhall - NOC Rooms

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